Resolution of your business disputes. Fast. Confidential. Directly enforceable

Awards reached in less than a month, at minimal cost, without going before State jurisdictions, and legally binding in 149 countries.

1.5 minutes to understand arbitration by eJust

Arbitration: a fast and simple procedure to solve your disputes

Similarly to mediation and conciliation, arbitration falls under the Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. ADR enables dispute resolution between parties without going before a State tribunal. Contrary to conciliation and mediation that do not aim at reaching a verdict, the arbitration procedure delivers a legally binding award recognized and enforceable before the State without going before a judge ; the decision rendered by the arbitrator is final and indisputable.

Choosing arbitration to solve your disputes means:

  • Benefitting from a fast method of dispute resolution with total control over costs and confidentiality.
  • Obtaining a legally binding award in 149 countries, reached by a specialized and independent arbitrator.

Solve your legal issues at the rhythm of your business with the eJust online arbitration.

eJust created an intuitive and entirely secure platform (ISO 27001 certified) making the arbitration procedure economically accessible throughout the corporate world.

  • The eJust arbitration clause is activated in case of dispute by a co-contractor through the online platform. The opposing party is automatically informed of the procedure launch. Claimant and respondent have the opportunity to prepare their case file and solve their dispute in complete privacy.
  • The arbitrators commissioned to solve the disputes are independent specialists, mainly attorneys but also former magistrates, and associate professors. Thoroughly selected and certified, they can reach a legally binding verdict within a deadline that is ten times quicker than a traditional procedure, and with minimal costs thanks to the eJust technology.
  • With the online eJust arbitration, your business disputes no longer slow down your business and you can preserve good relationships with your customers.


The eJust solution


Resolution in less than a month

With eJust, the resolution of your disputes shrinks from an average of 3 years to less than one month.


Specialised arbitrators and simple to use

eJust certified arbitrators resolve your disputes from 350 € on a fully online arbitration platform.


International enforceable award

The eTribunal renders an award enforceable in 149 countries (the member states of the New York Convention from 1958).


Non-disclosure guarantee

All procedures occur on a secure and private platform. Moreover, parties are subject to a confidentiality agreement for ongoing and past procedures.

Anticipate disputes today by adding the eJust clause to your contracts:

1Insert the eJust clause in your contract

Download the eJust clause and simply insert it into your contract or within your Terms and Conditions.

2When a dispute occurs, log onto the platform to submit your case

3An independent and specialized arbitrator is commissioned to resolve your dispute

Download the eJust Arbitration Rules.

eJust Clause

In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with the present contract, the claimant may choose either arbitration according to the eJust Rules of Arbitration or the competent state court. This choice is final.

To personalize your clause to your needs, contact us!

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